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Swimspire hosts a variety of specialized stroke clinics both locally and internationally. We have partnered with fellow coaches, swimming teams, local businesses and even Olympians to bring high-quality instruction to swimmers of all ages and levels. From triathletes to open water swimmers to age groupers, we have something for everyone!

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Our Philosophy

Swimspire International Clinic in Tallinn, Estonia

Swimspire International Clinic in Tallinn, Estonia

“I’ve been told what I’m doing wrong, but I don’t know how to correct my stroke!” It’s a phrase we’ve heard time and time again from many swimmers who are frustrated with the lack of concrete advice on exactly what steps they need to take to improve their technique. And although one clinic or one lesson will not instantly make you a better swimmer, leaving that clinic or that lesson with new knowledge that you can take with you to your daily workouts will help you improve.

We have designed our clinics such that they don’t merely provide you with advice – they also provide you with key tools that you can implement into your own training with the confidence that they are geared towards your individual needs.

Our philosophy is that every swimmer has different needs based upon their level in the sport, their experience and their goals. Through a combination of technique and video-based stroke analysis, we can help you not only discover the areas of your stroke that need improvement, but also learn corrective drills that target those specific areas. This provides a value to the clinic that you’ll appreciate and build upon as you progress with your own swimming goals.

Our Methods: What You’ll Get

Swimspire Clinic in Coral Springs

Classroom session and introductions: Forget the extensive lectures on the mechanics of the freestyle stroke. Our classroom session allows us to get to know you, your swimming background and your current goals and needs. You’ll also get to find out more about us and our approach to swimming.

Pool session: Most of our clinic time is spent where it should be – in the pool! We’ll film your stroke for individual analysis. We’ll then instruct you on several challenging progression drills that are fundamental in building a proper technical freestyle base. Combining the drills with full stroke sets will provide you with an opportunity to directly apply what you learned. Coaches will be on hand to provide immediate instruction and feedback after the completion of each set.

Post-clinic follow up: Our instruction doesn’t stop at the pool deck. After the clinic, you’ll receive a detailed follow-up via email. We’ll send you a private Vimeo link to your swimming video, which will allow you to easily watch, refer back to and compare with future videos. You will also receive a detailed recap of the drills you worked on during the clinic, along with advice on how to incorporate those drills into your own workouts. Finally, we’ll also send you a full analysis of your freestyle stroke, highlighting the points you need to work on to improve your technique and what you can do to successfully make these changes.

Our clinics are always small enough in size to be highly individualized. Limited from between 6-12 participants, with a minimum of two coaches on deck, you’ll be able to ask as many questions as you like and receive personalized feedback and instruction.

What People Have to Say About Our Clinics

Swimspire Clinic in Saint Augustine

“It was a phenomenal session. For the first time EVER, I actually moved across the water instead of…..of…… I don’t know what I was doing before. This was such a GREAT investment. And to think I almost didn’t register because of the cost– then seriously considered not showing up. What a HUGE mistake that would have been. I couldn’t have spent any amount of money better. Worth every penny and more….Such an awesome experience. I learned so much, and it was so exciting (to me) to realize that I was MOVING!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” — Debbie Hollern (USA)

“The clinic was eye-opening and invaluable for me…the material was clearly presented and demonstrated, and in the most friendly and supportive way possible. Many thanks to all!” — Norm S. (USA)

“Thanks, Julia! We really enjoyed the clinic and got a lot out of it. Looking forward to getting back into the pool tomorrow morning and working on all those kicking drills!” — Susan S. (USA)

“The clinic was enjoyable and useful as I learned new tips and tricks to improve my technique. The coaches were professional and the atmosphere absolutely positive. I am glad I joined the event!” — Triin K. (Estonia)

“Thank you once again for a great morning session! I will definitely implement the drills you taught into my every day regime. Some of the exercises were new for me and I already found out that they really do work wonders – at least I feel that they improve my stroke!” — Priit O. (Estonia)

Upcoming Clinics

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