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Swim faster with Swimspire

Learn about the services we have to offer. From instructional videos, to online stroke analysis, to customized workouts, we can help you swim faster.

No matter where you are in the world – and regardless of your age, level, or reason for swimming – we can help you reach your goals.

Private Lessons (Florida)

  • Private sessions can be scheduled year-round, subject to coach and pool availability
  • We work with swimmers of all ages, levels and goals
  • Come work with us at Anastasia Fitness, or, depending upon your location, we can come to your pool

Private Lesson + Video Analysis: $90/person

  • One hour in-person session plus a follow-up video analysis
  • We film your stroke, send you the clip via private Vimeo link and follow up via email with a full analysis of your stroke and a recap of the lesson
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Private Lesson Only: $70/person

  • One hour in-person session
  • Workout and a recap of the session will be emailed to you afterwards
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Swim Consulting (Maryland or Florida)

  • 60 minute in-person or Skype session
  • Upload up to 5 minutes of video of your stroke prior to the consulting session and send it to us
  • Or just share your goals with us during the session and we’ll help you set up a plan of action

Consulting Session: $100/person/hour

  • Email us via the Schedule Now button below to set up a session
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Small Group Workout Sessions (Florida)

  • Get in a Swimspire workout in a small group setting (limit 6 swimmers) at Anastasia Fitness!
  • Workouts held 2x/week for a total of 12 sessions and led by Julia Galan
  • Choose between beginner, intermediate, or advanced
  • Drop in to individual sessions or pay for a full pack of 12

Workout Sessions: $35/person/session; $425/person/12 sessions

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Freestyle Stroke Clinics (Worldwide)

  • Swimspire hosts a variety of specialized stroke clinics both locally and internationally. *
  • We have partnered with fellow coaches, swimming teams, local businesses and even Olympians to bring high-quality instruction to swimmers of all ages and levels.
  • From triathletes to open water swimmers to age groupers, we have something for everyone!

Freestyle Stroke Clinics: costs vary according to location

  • Please visit our Clinics page below for upcoming events, locations, and costs

Swim Camps (Florida)

  • Vacationing in Saint Augustine/Jacksonville or interested in customized training? Come work with Swimspire!
  • Improve technique, efficiency and speed in 2-3 swimming sessions that can be scheduled around your plans. Participate on your own, with a friend or gather a group for private and semi-private instruction
  • Choose between training in a pool or in the open water
  • Sample Schedule:
    • Session 1 : a 90-minute pool-based session beginning with 30 minutes of discussion and 60 minutes of training, focus on the strokes of your choice and specifically working on fine-tuning your technique.
    • Session 2: an open water swim session in the Atlantic Ocean (weather permitting) where we will practice drills and skills for the open water and swim side-by-side for a specific distance that is based upon your level and ability
    • Session 3: this session will be up to you. We can head back to the open water for additional practice, or return to the pool for more intensive technical work on the strokes of your choice

Swim Camp Cost:

  • 2 session/3 session (1 person): $400/$500 per person
  • 2 session/3 session (2+ person): $300/$400 per person
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Instructional Videos

  • A wide variety of drills featuring USMS national record-holder Peter Galan
  • Detailed instruction provided for each drill
  • 24/7 access to all videos in your subscription

Video Subscription Pack: $60 /Month

  • Unlimited monthly access to our entire library of instructional videos
  • Gain access to a wide variety of detailed drills that will improve your swimming technique and help you swim faster in all four of the swimming strokes
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Customized Workouts

  • Optimized combination of drill, kick and full stroke sets based on your stroke analysis
  • 3 personalized workouts every week written specifically for you
  • One online stroke analysis or 1-hour in-person session

Customized Workouts Pack: $150 /Month for online only
$240/Month with in-person session (dependent upon location)

  • Individualized workouts created based on either an online stroke analysis, in-person session or a fitness/racing profile
  • Three personalized workouts each week
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Swimspire Elite

  • All of our services in one package, including a savings of $80
  • Monthly unlimited access to all instructional videos
  • Monthly online stroke analyses
  • Weekly customized workouts

Swimspire Elite Membership: $300 /Month

  • Enjoy access to all of our videos, and get feedback on which drills will help you swim faster through an online stroke analysis.
    Implement what you learned through customized workouts individually designed for you!
  • Unlimited instructional video access (a $60 value)
  • Two stroke analyses included each month (a $200 value)
  • Three customized workouts per week (a $150 value)
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Online Stroke Analysis

  • Swim faster with a full critique of your stroke, including recommendations tailored just for you

Online Stroke Analysis Service: $100 /Hour

  • Upload one or more clips of your swimming to YouTube or Vimeo (see below for tips on how to share your video just with us), and then send us a link to the clip so we can critique it
  • Five minutes of uploaded video constitutes one hour of analysis

Get a complete stroke and technique analysis now!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Take a video of your swimming with a phone, camcorder, or camera and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo
  2. If you don’t want your video to be public, choose the Unlisted Video option in the YouTube privacy settings for your video. If you uploaded your video to Vimeo, follow Swimspire on your Vimeo account and select “Swimspire” under the Vimeo privacy settings page “Only people I choose” option for your video.
  3. Click the “Pay Now” button below to pay for your custom analysis according to the length of your submitted video. For example, our analysis of a clip up to 5 minutes in length costs $100.
  4. After your payment is submitted, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can send us the link to your video and your contact information.
  5. You’ll receive a video stroke analysis and complete transcript by email within 3 business days.

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