Fine-Tune your Swimming Technique with Swimspire at Anastasia Fitness!

Fine-Tune your Swimming Technique with Swimspire at Anastasia Fitness!

By Julia Galan

Anastasia Fitness Pool

Anastasia Fitness Pool

Swimspire is excited to partner with Anastasia Fitness in Saint Augustine, Florida for on-deck swim coaching and specialized technique clinics. We’ll be providing private sessions at Anastasia Fitness that will offer precise, individualized instruction and feedback in a focused setting.

Our sessions are open to swimmers of all levels and ages, whether competitive age groupers, adult triathletes, open water swimmers, Masters, or fitness swimmers. Swimming technique clinics will be geared towards those individuals who can swim at least 100 yards or four lengths of the pool continuously. The facilities at Anastasia Fitness include a two to three-lane, heated outdoor pool that provides an ideal location for personalized sessions. For more information on our sessions, click here!

More than just a gym, Anastasia Fitness is a community, fostering and encouraging complete fitness, and providing the location, the tools and the training to help motivate and inspire its members. General Manager Becky Williams tells us about the history of the fitness club, their current accomplishments and their goals for the future.

Owners Kevin and Marcy Vandyke (far right) in 2014 upon first starting Anastasia Fitness

Owners Kevin and Marcy Vandyke (far right), with Becky Williams (left), Danny Baker, Kim Pawelek Brantly, Steve Vighetti and Mel Scott in 2014 upon first starting Anastasia Fitness

Anastasia Fitness has been a part of the Anastasia Island community in Saint Augustine since 1985. Owners Kevin and Marcy Vandyke have always been an active family – Marcy is a certified Anusara Yoga teacher, and Kevin coaches youth basketball. When they took over operations at Anastasia Fitness a few years ago, their goal was to fuel a movement to make Saint Augustine the fittest city by providing a full-service gym that supports its members in a family-like environment. Kevin sold his insurance company shortly after taking on Anastasia Fitness and continues to take on all that the club inspires him to be, from receiving his own personal trainer certification to, more recently, becoming Strong First certified with a passion for kettlebells that he’s found here.

As for me, I began my own journey into fitness through yoga and, since 2011, I have continued to explore more new avenues, adding fitness classes and then personal and small group training to my resume. My role at Anastasia Fitness moved from yoga teacher to group instructor and trainer to Fitness and Wellness Director and finally, to General Manager. Today, I have a new baby and so my role has morphed once again – with the support and encouragement of Marcy and Kevin. I get to bring my baby to work, where I still train and teach, as well as work from home. I am forever grateful for the Vandykes open-minded attitude that has allowed me to achieve both my career and family goals.

At Anastasia Fitness, our goal is to find a way for everyone to discover the approach to fitness that will serve as their own personal lifestyle. We strive to be a community, not just a business. In ten years, we hope to still be here, having avoided trends and gimmicks, staying true to what works and always striving to bring on board new innovations that help us further our goals.

What sets us apart from other fitness centers? According to our members, it’s the sense of family and community that exists among our members and our staff. We not only support each other during workouts, but also in times of celebration and in times of hardship. When Hurricane Matthew hit Saint Augustine, for example, Kevin immediately gathered a team to go to members’ homes and help with clean-up, and opened up our locker rooms to anyone in the community in need of a hot shower.

Anastasia Fitness and Swimspire Clinic in February 2017

Along the same lines of community and fitness, we are very excited about our new partnership with Swimspire as it provides the missing link in swimming. Not only will we able to provide a place for members to swim but we will also provide them with a way to find success in the water, through Swimspire’s personal training. We know that swimming is a fitness modality that will sustain an active lifestyle much longer than many other forms of fitness. This fits in line with what we hope to offer our members overall- an approach to staying active that can rise to meet all of the stages that life brings, so that our members are always able to keep moving.

We are excited to work with you at Anastasia Fitness!

We are excited to work with you at Anastasia Fitness!

We hope that Swimspire will help our current swimmers to find more efficiency in their workouts. For our members who are hesitant or unaware of all that swimming can do for their bodies, we know that Swimspire will open up this very beneficial option.

We are very excited about our partnership with Anastasia Fitness and are looking forward to working with you there! To receive more information about clinics or to schedule a private lesson, please email Julia Galan at [email protected] and visit our website at 

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